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DCTexas - Located in East Texas, Digi Comm , has been serving East Texans with their communications needs since 1984. Through their DCTexas Internet division, they were the first in East Texas to implement a high-speed wireless Internet network (available in select areas). Also offered is dial-up Internet with local access numbers for many East Texas areas, including Palestine, Texas and surrounding areas. The service meets or surpasses the service of many ISPs available in Palestine that charge twice the amount of DCTexas's monthly fees...or more. rates DCTexas dial-up:  

Comments: Having used a half-dozen different dial-up services, DCTexas is about as good as dial-up is going to get...and about half the price of the other guys. In fact, all of this web site was uploaded using DCTexas dial-up Internet.
Sign-up now: can get you online with DCTexas. Contact us for more information.

Other ISPs with access numbers local to Palestine, TX.

PeoplePC Online - 800-627-3571.
Academic Planet - 877-584-9330
Earthlink - 866-226-0572 (Everyone's Internet) - 800.504.7873
MSN - 866-205-6768
VIP Internet Services - 903-723-4900




Nalcom Wireless

Nalcom Wireless provides wireless Internet to select areas of Palestine, TX. For more information, call 903-729-6300. rates Nalcom Wireless:  



DCTexas is a leading East Texas Internet provider, with a wide range of local dial-up numbers for Palestine and its surrouding areas. Experience dial-up at its fastest with its new TURBOnet access. Monthly fees start at $9.95 per month if paid by the year. Don't have a credit card? DCTexas offers a variety of payment options. is an authorized DCTexas Internet distributor

Palestine Texas - Wireless Broadband available in select locations

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Regardless of your choice for Internet access, can help get you online...from configuring your home computer for dial-up access, to adding and configuring a wireless router, to the complete wiring and configuring of your business network. can meet your networking needs.