Jay Banks
Certified Network Support Specialist

e-mail: iNetwork-plusquest4.org

Cisco Certifications


Cisco CCENT Certified 08-17-2007

Cisco CCENT (640-822) certified. The Cisco CCENT certifies a technician's knowledge and skill to install, operate and troubleshoot a small enterprise branch network, including basic network security.

CompTIA Certifications

CompTIA Network+ Certified 01-09-2007

The CompTIA Network+ certification is an international, vendor-neutral certification that recognizes a technician's ability to describe the features and functions of networking components and to install, configure and troubleshoot basic networking hardware, protocols and services.

Industry Certifications & Training

ClearScada  - June, 2010

ClearSCADA is an object-based, integrated SCADA package designed to reduce licensing and engineering costs. It is at home in the plant or in the field, offering a wide-range of drivers that make it well suited for wellsite monitoring and control.

CygNet Scada  - May 2009

CygNet is an enterprise-ready SCADA management system used to collect, manage and distribute essential operations data throughout many of North America's leading oil and gas companies. Classes included both CygNet basic and CygNet advanced training courses.

PEC Premier Certified Trainer - Jan 2009

Qualified to teach both PEC Core and PEC Basic-SafeGulf Orientation classes. These classes combine health, safety and environmental training (OSHA and MMS) to deliver workplace safety, health, and environmental awareness to a target audience consisting of oil, gas, and petrochemical companies. 

American Innovations Certified Installer

The Bullhorn wireless telemetry system is comprised of a number of different devices capable of remote monitoring and/or control of industrial equipment, data acquisition, alarm monitoring, etc.

American Innovations telemetry systems have been deployed by every major oil and gas corporation in North America to monitor meters, storage tanks, cathodic protection systems, compressors, site security and more.

Mikrotik Certified Professional
RouterOS Training - September 7, 2007

Communications Licenses & Certifications


NARTE (National Association of Radio
And Telephone Engineers) Certified
Jr. Technician — 2005-08-03



FCC General Radiotelephone
Operator License — 2004-12-13



FCC Technician Class Operator License — 2005-06-06



American Commercial College
Senior Accounting Course
(Manual & Computerized Accounting)
 — October 1991

Trade Associations


    NTMA (North Texas Measurement Association) Member — 2009
Summary of Technical Experience

Extensive experience with wired and wireless networking and related network management skills, combined with ample, hands-on experience in wireless communications, including wireless SCADA.  This hands-on training includes, but is not limited to, installation of MDS, FreeWave, Trango, Mikrotik, and Motorola Canopy equipment, installation of antennas on towers, and basic repairs and troubleshooting of electronics in the field.

Detailed Technical Experience

Nalcom Wireless
IT Technician 
August 2009 – Present

Member of a small team working on the DETCOG (Deep East Texas Council of Government) contract. The contract includes removing public safety analog radio systems in order to install new digital systems. While assisting in many areas of the project, configuring the microwave shots required for the new systems is a main area of focus.

During downtime between DETCOG installs, routine IT work and network maintenance was performed for Nalcom's internal network, which included writing an extensive database application in ASP.NET for internal company use. The application was designed to track quotes, sales, service work, repairs, commissions, and perform reporting. A prototype of a web-based SCADA system, using Kepware OPC and MySQL on the backend was also developed during this time.

The software and skills involved in the software programming included:

  • Visual Studio 2008
  • ASP.NET 3.5, 4.0
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server


Eagle Automation Corporation
SCADA Technician / Assistant Safety Coordinator
August 2008 – August 2009

Contingent contractor for EnCana Oil & Gas, North America's second largest natural gas producer, responsible for installation and maintenance of SCADA equipment used to monitor its natural gas infrastructure in the East Texas area. EnCana's SCADA network includes a mixture of both wired and wireless monitoring technology, and includes equipment such as gas flow meters, tank level monitors, pressure monitors, discrete monitors, etc.

Familiar with industry standard SCADA equipment from well-known manufactures, including:

  • Fisher
  • Control Microsystems
  • Oleumtech
  • Siemens
  • GE Microwave Digital Systems
  • FreeWave
  • Etc.
Experienced with hands-on PLC/RTU programming of flow meters and equipment that uses the Modicon Modbus protocol, and includes some limited experience with Control Microsystems's "ladder logic."

Also responsible for assisting Eagle's Safety Coordinator in maintaining its safety program.

Nalcom Wireless
IT Technician / Network Support
January 2004 – July 2008

Position was originally split between an IT position with Nalcom Wireless and a part-time Radio Technician position. Although still an employee of Nalcom Wireless, the position changed to a full-time Network Support position when Nalcom Wireless merged its wireless Internet operations with East Texas Broadband in August of 2007.

Trained in the installation and support of Trango, Mikrotik, and Motorola Canopy equipment, for use in WISP (wireless Internet service provider) venture. Responsibilities include network and backbone equipment installation and support, including some tower work; on-location site surveys to verify service eligibility; programming of subscriber modules; installation of equipment at customer premises, as well as providing end-user technical support/service.

In addition to the above duties, we are often involved in business network installation and support, including wired and wireless networks, cable drops, wireless transparent bridges, router programming, server installation, etc.

Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the company LAN and its server systems, including several FreeBSD servers, used for Apache virtual domain hosting, a Microsoft Exchange e-mail server, and a Microsoft 2003 server, used for terminal server purposes.

Also note that while I no longer work in the business radio side of Nalcom Wireless, I was initially cross-trained as a business-radio technician, with responsibilities that include the programming, tuning, installation, and support of business radios used in portable, mobile and base applications. This training included the use of appropriate test equipment, as well as ongoing training in very basic bench repairs. I also assist in management of the customer code database required for a large-scale UHF trunking system, and assist in basic IT management that includes keeping programming software up-to-date on all programming laptops, among other things.

Radio work experience includes installation of remote speakers, tone and DC remotes, “halo” grounding systems, installation of antennas on towers at up to 150 feet in height. I’m also proficient at installing cell phone hands-free kits, and have some limited experience with the installation of police and emergency response vehicle light bars, radio consoles, sirens, analog/digital camera systems for police cars, etc.

Special Projects and Achievements:

  Have climbed to approximately 320 feet while performing tower maintenance.

  Assisted in punching down, termination, and testing of cable in a voice and data telecommunication system that included 45,000 feet of CAT-5 cable and 115 data jacks and 118 voice jacks.

 Participated in a project to provide two large hotels with wireless Internet throughout the entire customer premises.

 Received 24 hours of MSHA Mine Safety training in order to help fulfill a contract between Nalcom Wireless and Texas Westmoreland Coal Co., which requires Nalcom to provide an employee one day per week whose sole duty is to provide technical support and maintenance of the Jewett Mine’s radio system. This system includes portable radios; mobile radios installed in drag lines, backhoes, graters, water trucks, maintenance trucks, and other very large equipment; and their base stations and repeater systems.

Entertainment Warehouse/Propager
March 1999 – January 2004 

Experience included a good introduction to business communications, with four years of experience managing all aspects of a small satellite/pager business. Responsibilities included pager inventory management, programming pagers, remote activation of pagers through the use of terminal software, managing the pager capcode inventory, and very basic bench repairs. In addition, as we were a DirecTV dealer, too, I was also occasionally involved in the installation and repair of satellite systems. Non-technical duties at this job included IT management duties for a small Novell network, as well as all billing and paperwork involved in a small satellite/pager business. I was also responsible for building and maintaining the company web site.

Wang Global (formerly I-NET, Inc.)
Data Technician
November 1994 – January 1999

Responsibilities included editing and proofing technical order military documents to facilitate full SGML tagging for various government contracts. 

Executed the Avalanche FastTAG program to create SGML tagged documents, which were then checked for proper structure and to have tags added manually, if needed. Soft Quad's Author Editor program was then used to parse the documents against SGML standards.

Trained as a backup for the F4-ETP (FMS) contract. Responsibilities included the initial edit/proof of the documents using Wordperfect 5.1 software and the subsequent formatting, proofing and performance Quality Assurance Inspections (QAs) utilizing the FrameMaker 4 program.


  Personal Income Taxes

H&R Block Income Tax Course, October 2010

84 hour Course designed to teach tax theory, tax preparation skills, tax laws, and customer service techniques. This course is recognized for 2.25 hours of credit with The University of Phoenix.

VITA Level 1 Certification, Dec 2008

The VITA program consists of a network of IRS sponsored tax volunteer sites that provide free tax preparation and free filing services to those people with low to moderate incomes

Detailed Tax Preparation Experience

H&R Block
Tax Preparer
2010 Tax Season (January - April 2011)

Completed my first tax season working part time at the Crockett road office of H&R Block in Palestine, Texas.